Questions and answers from AMA with Dmitrii Efremov

  • What is Prizm?

PRIZM — it is a 100% Proof-of-Stake cryptocurrency based on the NEXT-kernel, built on Java with an open source code. The unique PRIZM proof-of-stake algorithm does not depend on any implementation of the "coin age" concept used by other proof-of-steak cryptocurrencies, and is resistant to the so-called "nothing at stake" attacks. The total number of coins available was distributed in the Genesis block. Curve25519 cryptography is used to provide a balance of security and the required processing power along with the more commonly used SHA256 hashing algorithms.

Prizm is a computer software created for recording short messages in the blockchain and for recording information about changes in the balances of project users. When adding a new record to the blockchain distributed ledger, a commission of 0.5% is charged, but not more than 10 PZM. The commission for transactions in the generated blocks is received by the users of the project who support the Prizm peer-to-peer network, by storing the complete blockchain database on their computer. You can learn more about Prizm on our official website.

  • PRIZM is a self-regulating, totally decentralized system with native Blockchain and PARAMINING TECHNOLOGY. May I inquire as to what PARAMINING entails? Could you please clarify how this mechanism works?

PARAMINING is our cutting edge development. We were the first in the world to offer an algorithm for the extraction of new coins, which is not related to the generation of new blocks in the blockchain. PARAMINING as a method of emission guarantees the lowest costs for maintaining the decentralized network and guarantees the highest level of security for users. PARAMINING is a completely new concept of cryptocurrency emission, the value of which was not appreciated by the world crypto community, since all efforts were directed to the distribution of 50% of the emission among the maximum number of users around the world, which guarantees absolute decentralization of the project, as it was intended.

PARAMINING is a mathematical performance algorithm that tracks three new factors: personal balance, followers, and current performance complexity. PARAMINING contains all the positive qualities of cryptocurrencies, such as environmental friendliness, fair emission, decentralization and freedom of use. PARAMINING is devoid of the negative qualities of cryptocurrencies such as freezing for staking, pointless consumption of electricity to maintain the network, indefinite transaction fees, the difficulty of producing new coins and using the blockchain by ordinary people without special knowledge and skills. PARAMINING is a new concept of fair emission with full value yet to be realized. But you can never figure out how it works until you try it yourself.

You can read more about PARAMINING algorithms
in the white paper available at

  • The latest focus and trend in blockchain is DeFi and NFT. How efficiently can your project serve as a platform to serve these two functions?

For now Prizm cannot interact with the DeFi & NFT industry, because we have different goals, paths and tasks. But we will take a closer look at the issue and try to find something in common with DeFi. You will see all official updates in our Twitter.

  • Can you explain to us about the utility and the use case of $PZM token in your ecosystem? What benefits can we get for holding these tokens in the long term?

Prizm is used in the same way as regular fiat money, but safer, faster and easier.

In addition, Paramining is a new fair way of issuing new coins by all users in a renewed manner. The main advantage of this issuance method is that no one will ever be able to own a significant portion of the issuance, and this factor allows us to claim that the fundamental principles of cryptocurrencies related to decentralization will never be violated in Prizm.

Prizm is a very high quality and rare cryptocurrency, as the issuance is not only limited to 6 billion coins, but unlike Bitcoin, whose minimum unit looks like 0.00000001, Prizm's minimum unit looks like 0.01. If we compare the issuance of Prizm and Bitcoin in the number of minimum units, we will see that Prizm is a more than 250 times rarer coin.

And taking into account Prizm's environmental friendliness, convenience and honesty, we can assume that its value will only increase over time.

  • Several months ago, we heard about prizm's collaboration with the Blockster network. How can prizm take advantage of such a partnership? What are the similarities between a decentralized System like prizm and a social network to enable encryption like blockster?

With Blockster, everything happened spontaneously. We accidentally stumbled upon their ads and they seemed interesting to us.

We contacted and entered into a partnership.
Perhaps this is a «sign», or maybe an «accident».

If we come up with something interesting with Blockster, you will find out about it on Twitter.

U can find our profile here -

And our group -

Subscribe to our accounts, soon we will start posting interesting news on Blockster.

  • Liquidity, Security & Trust are very important for an exchange, how #Spaceprizm can meet all of these factors? There are 3 top priority issues that are the combination of slow transaction speed, high cost and insufficient liquidity. So how does ''space'' solve these problems ?


Prizm contains the PARAMINING coin mining algorithm, this is a factor that changes the logic of work in the cryptocurrency market. In order to mine new coins, the user needs to create his own private key of the cold wallet and withdraw the purchased coins from the exchange.

The fact that it is not profitable to keep coins on the exchange creates a situation in which most users withdraw their coins from the exchange, this allows to reduce the load on the order books.

Since 99% of the coins are held by users outside the exchanges, fiat liquidity is very easy to maintain due to new users who want to make money on the extraction of Prizm coins using PARAMINING algorithms and come to the exchange to buy some Prizm.


Prizm network nodes can be installed on any computer, for this you just need to go to and download PrizmCore software on your home computer. WEB wallet and PrizmCore network node do not collect or store any personal data of users.

When u making a transaction, no one will know who you are, Prizm is a 100% free and decentralized cryptocurrency with convenient and anonymous access to the blockchain for each user.

Security depends on the users themselves.
How they handle the private key is very important.

If you don’t know or don’t own a private wallet key — You don’t own cryptocurrency. Access to the wallet should be without intermediaries.

How do you handle your wallet in your daily life? Most likely you value it, do not leave it anywhere, do not shout to the whole street that you have a lot of cash, do not give your wallet into the hands of strangers, and so on. I guessed i’m right, right?

The cryptocurrency industry has similar security rules. Just follow the rules and your coins will be safe.


I think trust and cryptocurrency are incompatible concepts. We are not asking for trust, it is pointless. We're just doing our job.

last advise for audience

If you don’t understand or don’t know something, learn how to get information on your own. This will help you avoid mistakes and loss of your assets.

  • «STAKING'' is one of the STRATEGIES to ATTRACT USERS and HOLD Them long term.
    Does your GREAT PROJECT have plan about Staking??

The attractiveness of Prizm for users around the world is achieved through a combination of Paramining technology and the HOLD status parameter.

Paramining guarantees the possibility of mining new coins to all users at the same time, this factor allows with a high degree of probability to avoid an attack of 51% and provides absolute freedom of action for users. In our experience, these factors have a beneficial effect on the Prizm community and encourage users to independently create the infrastructure and ecosystem of Prizm.

HOLD - keep coins in your personal wallet and not make any transactions, due to this, you can reduce the coefficient of difficulty in mining coins and increase the profitability of your wallet.

Only there is 1 big difference from all the others. Your coins always remain in your wallet. And only you have access.

  • Do you have a community for NoN "English" speakers and are you a global project or not? Any Ambassador program plans available for different countries?

Prizm has been developing for almost five years, and every day many different events take place in the Prizm community, but all these events are of a local nature and therefore most of them are not known to the world crypto community. In the Prizm of several hundred thousand users around the world, and since they act autonomously from each other without coordinating their actions with anyone, we cannot predict what events will happen in this or that community in the future.

We don’t have ambassador programs.
But we support especially active users

More detailed here:

  • For a project development first of all main priority is having enough fund. Does your team financially capable to run this project? Do you have enough fund for it's developement Can you tell us that how your project generate the profit?

...Yep, it’s work with classic companies, but Prizm is a fully decentralized system. We don’t have any funds.

We pay for some things from our own pockets. And some are paid through crowdfunding, each participant of the system takes part in the development of the system.

Since we are enthusiastic developers, we are not rich on this project. The leading team has 2 million coins to maintain the stability of the network and to pay for running expenses, servers, salaries, etc. The remaining coins are in reserve for an emergency in order to stabilize the network - This is less than 1% of the total issue.

Therefore, we can say that we are the poorest developers in the history of cryptocurrencies. ))

All issue is given to Prizm users.

  • How can we be involved in your token sale process or how can we purchase your token?

It's very simple, just like with any other cryptocurrency. Prizm can be bought on the exchanges featured in this list.

We negotiate with a large number of exchanges every day, and there will be a lot of new things coming soon. Follow the news.

  • Marketing & Advertising project is very much needed, How do you plan to expand this project to a global world? Is your platform global or are there restrictions for certain regions?

...A few months ago we received a Legal Opinion in the European Union, which implies that Prizm is not a security and is not subject to regulation. Until we saw the regions in which Prizm has restrictions, and if they are, then Prizm is a 100% decentralized cryptocurrency that anyone can use, for this it is enough to install PrizmCore on your home computer and use all the possibilities of the cryptocurrency without restrictions.

and one more

PRIZM solves many problems:

  1. Possession of cryptocurrency in its pure form without intermediaries.
  2. The simplicity and accessibility of use for absolutely every person on earth.
  3. Block generation speed, transaction speed, blockchain transparency.
  4. Absolute decentralization - the network is supported by ordinary people around the world who have installed the software on their computer.
  5. Available requirements for equipment for forging and block generation, low power consumption, a positive impact on the environment as a whole.
  6. Improving the quality of life of everyone who uses PRIZM due to the unique technology of paramining - and as a result of this, an increase in the purchasing power of the population - a positive impact on the economy of states.
  7. Low commission on transactions from 0.5 to 10 pzm with no limit on the amount of transfer.
  8. The maximum degree of security of your funds.
  9. Various educational programs for the population in the field of blockchain technology.
  10. Regular updates and improvement of system technologies.
    And many many others....
  11. Absolute legitimacy of the company.

We are ahead of our time in developments in the field of blockchain technologies and artificial intelligence for which the world is not yet ready. But the time will come.

  • Please share some information about your team? How big is the team right now?

Our big team is international, scattered all over the world. For security reasons, information on core team members is strictly confidential bcaz of crypto-gangsters.

Prizm technology was hunted by bandits in the truest sense of the word. It was like a movie. But this is a separate story, which we will leave for the next AMA.

  • Are Crypto-gangters real?


This is true. Prizm indeed looks like an anonymous project. This is due to its high security. And as for the abduction of Yuri Mayorov, the head of the development department, that's also true.

Several thugs kidnapped him. They kept him in their car. Yuri was tortured and they tried to poison him. I know, it all sounds like some kind of action movie.

And - you can Google it - a lot of news reports emerged then, all of the top TV channels in Russia were discussing the case. An official investigation began, and the incident occurred only because Yuri was the only programmer who was known to the public out of our whole team.

But now our security is good)

  • Can you please provide detailed information about PRIZM Project and How long you've been building this?

We started Prizm on February 17, 2017. We are still working on it.

In the beginning, Prizm, and perhaps it’ll be surprising for someone, was meant to be the world’s most secure messaging app for encrypted messages. And only a private key would open those messages. Additionally, to send messages users would have to pay a certain fee in the monetary units of this system.

Then we decided to develop a crypto instead. We wanted to come up with something that would surpass all cryptocurrencies on the market at the time. We ended up launching Prizm as a social experiment on introducing cryptocurrency into the community with a fair emission for every participant.

Naturally, we wanted to make a decentralized crypto. That’s how it was. Regarding the technological basis, Prizm runs on Proof-of-Stake, and each coin in the wallet is a kind of mining farm. This means you don’t need to buy any equipment to start mining coins. And that’s it, in a nutshell. You can find more details on our official website -

  • The $PZM token is live on some good exchanges already. Can you please give us more details about its sales and listings? What are the utilities of your token $PZM?

Yep, all information about Prizm markets u can find here:

Prizm is designed as an easy-to-use and cost-effective transnational payment system.

  • Now please share detailed information about Prizm wallet, and Prizm Paramining system.

Prizm is a social project. The idea behind Prizm is based on the fundamental values of cryptocurrencies. We have created the concept of an environmentally friendly and completely decentralized cryptocurrency with complete freedom for user actions. Prizm is the personification of an ideal world with a free financial system without intermediaries and with the ability to produce your own money without additional conventions by birthright in the human body.

Paramining is our cutting edge development. We were the first in the world to offer an algorithm for mining new coins that is not related to the generation of new blocks in the blockchain. Paramining as a method of emission guarantees the lowest costs for maintaining the decentralized network and guarantees the highest level of security for users.

Paramining is a completely new concept of cryptocurrency emission, the value of which was not appreciated by the world crypto community, since all efforts were aimed at distributing 50% of the emission among the maximum number of users around the world, which guarantees absolute decentralization of the project, as it was conceived. You can read more about Paramining algorithms in the white paper available at