PARAMINING — is a unique method of creating new coins by all users simultaneously, regulated by three parameters:
1. The number of coins in your personal wallet
2. The number of coins of the followers structure
3. Mining difficulty – Paratax

This is a process that allows you to increase the number of coins in the wallet without any costs of electricity.

To start mining a new PRIZM, just a single coin is needed in an electronic wallet that automatically starts Paramining. Paramining starts with 1 coin and stops automatically when you reach 1 million coins in your wallet.

The total emission of PRIZM will be 6 billion coins. Account Genesis (PRIZM-TE8N-B3VM-JJQH-5NYJB) generates anti-coin signals of Premining (signal to send the coins for a certain wallet) to the limit of minus 6 billion PZM. Upon reaching 6 billion PRIZM, the paramining process will stop on all PRIZM wallets without exception.

You can find out the current issue, balance and structure of any PRIZM wallet on the official resource of the Prizm TOOL visualizer developer.

PARATAX - is a linear increase in the difficulty of coins generation, expressed as a percentage of the number of coins already mined by all users.
The maximum limit of PARATAX will be 98% at the time of production of 3 billion PZM. For FORGERS whose balance at the time of generating the block does not exceed 110,000 PZM, the maximum value of PARATAX is 97%. The more coins produced, the higher the paratax.

The tables of paramining show that the larger the balance of your personal wallet and the total balance of your partners ' wallets, the faster new coins are mined. Depending on the total coin emission, the speed will decrease by a percentage of the paratax.
HOLD - keep coins in your personal wallet and not make any transactions, due to this, you can reduce the coefficient of difficulty in mining coins and increase the profitability of your wallet.
Prizm ParaMining calculator



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